Trek’s 2014 bikes – sneak preview part 1

Now is the time of year when we all start to get a bit excited; because we love bikes so much that when details of next years models begin to reach us we just can’t help it! It happens every year and yet we still crowd round a new catalogue making odd noises and pointing a lot.

The first of our major brands to unveil their new 2014 line was Trek. We dispatched our Allan to the Trek World trade show at Silverstone recently to see what was what. He packed his nina suit and stealth camera to capture some sneaky teaser shots for us and we thought it would be nice to share a few with you.

The Show

Trek's 2014 bike, clothing and accessory line up

Allan makes his way into the trade show via a skylight and ninja rope.

We asked Allan to tell us which bikes impressed him most. Top of his list was the new X-Caliber 29er MTB range. Here’s a few spy shots.

2014 X-Caliber

Awesome 29ers from Trek soon to be on show at the Cycle Centre

2014 X-Calibers

Nice colours through out the range. Ninja approval rating is high!

The X-Caliber range is going to offer bikes from around £400 to over £1000, which will provide a great range of choice and really make the 29er MTB accessible to everyone.

Trek 29er rear axle

Trek have incorporated the brake calliper in such a way that it adds stiffness with no additional wielding or weight.

Trek are continuing to push frame design and innovation.

Trek 2014 29ers

Top tube is flush with head tube = looks lovely. All thanks to clever wielding tech. This adds strength whilst keeping stack height to a minimum.

Our ninja spy also loved this fearsome looking beast –

Adventure bike from Trek

This is the Farley Adventure bike. Equipped with 3.8 inch tyres for extreme conditions. Also available with full suspension upgrade!

This is the women’s specific Lush WLS 29er with dual suspension. It should be THE trail bike for the girls this winter!

Trek 29er for women

Unique geometry thanks to G2 Trek technology

There will be more ninja spy sneak previews coming soon.



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