Cycling Quote: Stay Healthy

Health quoteHello, and Happy Friday!

Today’s quote, well it’s not really a cycling quote, more about being healthy and happy which we feel is a great message.

Getting yourself, and your family out on your bikes is a great way to bond as we know, and a great way to instill a routine of exercise and a love of the great outdoors. There’s nothing better than feeling the wind in your hair as you free-wheel down that biggest of hills, your kids yelling out as you do so.

Being healthy and happy, well that’s our greatest wish for ourselves, family and friends isn’t it, and today’s quote reminds us of that.

Have a great weekend everyone, and enjoy your cycling!

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Cycling Quote: Today Was Good from Dr Seuss

cycling quoteWelcome to Friday’s little Cycling Quote of the day. This one we’ve shared from a lovely blog called If you want a slice of really uplifting loveliness head over there and take a look through all of their quotes; they really will cheer up your day.

For those cyclists out there who live for getting out on their bikes, this one is for you. Have fun, no matter what you’re doing, and enjoy your cycling.

Hope you enjoy our Cycling Quote – Happy Weekend!

Cycling Quote: Do More of What Makes you Happy

Bicycle quote

Does cycling make you happy?

A study in the US earlier this year found that cyclists are the happiest of all commuters. Well that’s probably no surprise I guess. The Over40Cyclist has found a study that says just 10 minutes of cycling every day will lift your mood and make you feel happier. It all makes sense really. Get outdoors, feel the wind in your hair and forget about work and family responsibilities. We all know exercise is good for us and increases the endorphins in our system helping us to feel better generally so it’s no wonder that getting out on your bike every day will do the same.

How often do you get out on your bike?

When asked why cycling is such a good thing, Adrian Bell of Transport for London says, “It’s quick, it’s cheap, it’s good for you, it’s pretty much free once you’ve got a bike. And it’s fun! Cycling also offers a sense of independence, of being able to get up and go wherever and whenever you want. That’s invaluable.”

And it’s bound to make you feel good!

There’s even a Danish Study that shows kids who bike or walk to school do better in class. I guess many of these studies are stating the obvious but it’s always good to see it written down in a scientific way to help prove what most of us have known for a long time.

Cycling makes you feel happy! And if you still don’t believe us, check out this blogpost here that shows why cyclists are definitely the happiest people on earth. It’s a fun read.

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