Cycle to Work with Cyclescheme

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The Cycle to Work scheme is a government initiative that allows you to get a brand new bike and safety equipment for your commute to work – all tax free! yippee! ūüôā

One of the Cycle to Work partners that we use at Cycle Centre is Cyclescheme, if your employer isn’t signed up to a Cycle to Work provider here’s a link with more information for your employer.

Getting a bike through a Cycle to Work scheme makes sense. Not only can you save money (between 25% – 39%, depending on how much tax you pay) you get to spread the cost over a year and there’s no credit check either! You’ve got up to ¬£1,000 to spend, so make sure you make the most of the potential savings by getting a bike package that includes everything you need to cycle to work – this includes the essentials like lights, locks, helmets and clothing which can all be bought through the scheme.

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You can choose the right bike for your commute – whether that’s a road bike, mountain bike so that you can take in a trail on your commute or a do it all hybrid bike.

This youtube clip is all about Bob and how he wants to get started riding a bike to work. I want to do something with Bobs hair, but apart from that its a really helpful short film.

Need another helping of Bob? You got it! (do you see what I mean about his hair?)

This film explains what happens at the end of the 12 month hire period and what your options are for either keeping the bike or giving the bike back.


Hopefully your mind is nearly made up to ride to work, but if not what about the fact that cycling can burn up to 500 calories an hour. Its a low impact form of exercise. Riding gets you out of the traffic and once you have ridden a few times to work and got over the initial wheezing stage, you arrive at work feeling energized and ready for whatever happens during your working day.

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We just want to get more people riding bikes, and we understand fitting a bike ride into your busy life can be really difficult, so if you can turn your commute to work into a blast on the bike it will be a guilt free exercise session.

If you would like help or advice please contact us with whichever method you prefer. Its always good to see you in person but we understand you may be stuck in traffic ūüėČ

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Cycle Scheme: Saving You 30 to 40% on your Bike Through a Salary Exchange Scheme

Your employer may be able to buy a bike through a government-backed scheme called Cyclescheme where you pay for your bike through a salary exchange scheme saving you on average 30 to 40%.

This system aims to help reduce the environmental effects of people commuting to and from work, while helping the individual to buy a good quality, reliable bike.  In most situations, the cost of helmets and accessories are also included.

More information is available online at

There are now several other schemes that offer a similar set up which your employer may be interested in, and may be a part of if they are not already signed up to Cyclescheme.

Once you have discussed your situation with your employer and have found out which scheme they are part of, you can pop in to see us for a quote where we will discuss with you what sort of bike and safety equipment you will need.  Once the quote has been processed and you have received your certificate, all you need to then do is call us to see when your bike will be ready and come and collect it.