We’ve been busy…

Every week we make some changes to the shop. Some big, some small. This week we made a big change. We haven’t been able to offer a good selection of clothing due to the lack of an organised space. We also haven’t had a great area for customers to try on clothes.

So we fixed it. We now have a clothing section and a changing room.

I wanted to share with you some of the pictures I took of the work in progress.

This area was used for parts and accessories storage and had a bike display table in front. This was all removed.

Clothing section 1 Clothing Section 2

The walls were then covered in rough cut timber and the structure of the changing room built. This took most of the day to get to this stage. The grid wall was then trimmed to the correct size and installed.

Clothing Section 3 Clothing Section 4

After this was the big clean up. The clothing was then merchandised in colours, size order and gender.

Clothing SEction 6 Clothing image A

Clothing Section B Clothing Section C

We hope you enjoy the changes we have made to the shop and we look forward to helping you select the right jacket, jersey, base layer, whatever it is you need.

The Cycle Centre




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