Become a better cyclist – The Cycle Centre & The Cycle Hub present ‘An evening with Chris Garrison’

We are putting on a cycling event at The Cycle Hub on Wednesday 17th September at 7pm.

I worked alongside Chris Garrison at Trek UK and we often attended events to talk to riders about position on the bike. Chris has also held talks at various Cycle shows and has built up a bit of a following but she has never presented one in the North East. I felt this was a great opportunity to get Chris to Newcastle and make an evening of it.

Chris Garrison

The focus of the event is to answer those questions that you have either been afraid to ask or you didn’t realise needed answering. If you suffer from aches and pains after a ride it maybe that you are suffering from a poor bike setup, the pain from your saddle may not be just a result of riding a bike, it could be that you have an ill fitting saddle. That neck and shoulder ache might not be just be because you have been trying extra hard on the bike, it could be upper body positioning.

If you are an experienced rider I feel certain that there will be nuggets of information that will benefit you on your next ride. If you are new to the world of riding a bike there will be lots of useful hints and tips for you too.

The event is being held with our friends at The Cycle Hub on the Quayside – NE6 1BU, there will be drinks and snacks and a fully licensed bar.

the cycle hub

If you would like to reserve a place at this free event please contact the hub directly at or call 0191 276 7250

It will be a really entertaining evening and I hope to see you there!

Tony Butler



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