Winter Family Cycling

It gets harder and harder to get the kids out on their bikes at this time of year, and even harder to go out as a family. If the kids had new bikes at Christmas then I bet you’re doing all you can to help them either learn to ride them or gain in confidence. But with the wettest January on record it’s very difficult to motivate both them and yourself. So what are the opportunities for Winter family cycling in the UK and beyond.

family cycling in winterSet an Example:

If the kids see you getting out there on your bike whatever the weather then they’ll be inspired to give it a go too. If the children are still little there’s nothing to stop you hooking up the trailer and transporting them round with you. Winter family cycling can be just as much fun, just make the sure the cover on the trailer is watertight and windproof. Wrap the children up well too, and give them a snack or toy to keep them occupied. Everything gets a little muddy and dirty of course but keeping an old sheet in the shed or garage ready to park on when you return home is an easy way to contain the mess. If you’re going to be out and about as the light fades, remember to add some reflective strips and colourful accessories, maybe even a flag, to the trailer to ensure it will be safe and seen.

Kit Yourself Out:

It’s a sure fact that if you or the children get too cold you won’t feel inclined to get out on your bikes again anytime soon. So make sure that you have all the right clothing and equipment; get this right and your adventure will be all the more pleasureable.

winter family cyclingThis Lusso thermal jacket from our Raleigh shop is ideal for the colder weather and is made from Resistex carbon fabric, breathable with safety reflective strips. Costs just £65.

winter family cyclingThese windchill fleece Winter gloves by Avenir are durable and flexible with an elasticated cuff ideal for the chillier weather. It’s imperative you kit the whole family out in warm gloves when you’re out cycling. There’s nothing worse than freezing cold hands. We sell these in our online bike shop for just £11.99.

family winter cyclingMake sure everyone has warm ears too. You know we lose a huge percentage of body heat through our heads, so best to wrap them up and pop on a hat or earwarmer. This lovely Lusso Earwarmer is just £9.99 and come sin 5 different sizes.

Take a Trip:

winter family cyclingIf the British weather just gets you down and you’re desperate to get away with the family on your bikes, then why not consider taking the family on an organised trip abroad. Saddle Skedaddle, a wonderful cycling holiday company runs a variety of family cycling holidays both in the UK and abroad. Why not take a gentle self-guided tour of Sardinia for example or why not try an easy paced family cycling holiday in the Azores. Spend some time whale watching and let the kids splash around in the waterfalls. An amazing tonic for the dull UK weather.

So however you choose to do your Winter family cycling do enjoy yourselves and if there’s anything we can help with please get in touch.

Image: Observing Life


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