How to Keep your Kids Active in Winter

Winter is in full swing. The days are short, althought getting longer every week, but it’s cold, damp and dreary outside, and so it’s much easier to snuggle up under a blanket and turn on the tv. But finding ways to get your children outdoors in the fresh air is so beneficial for both them and you. Childen need to burn off energy. They need to run around and have fun in wide, open spaces where their imagination is sparked and they have time to bond with you, their siblings and their friends. Sitting in front of the tv just isn’t going to do this for them.

But what can you do outside when the weather isn’t so great? Well of course, you can get the bikes out and go for a bike ride but sometimes there needs to be an extra enticement. We’ve found some great ideas and activities you can do with your children if you’re wondering how to keep your kids active in Winter.

1. Winter Tree Activities:

If your children love art and craft why not take this outdoors. Marnie at Carrots Are Orange has a lovely idea for taking the children out and identifying various types of trees which leads to leaf rubbing. Great fun which everyone enjoys.

2. Stone Crafts for Valentines:

Stone craftRed Ted Art shares a lovely craft idea, particularly relevant at this time of year with Valentine’s Day on the horizon. Collect some pebbles and create a love stone by glitter glueing on a heart. Simple, fun and very effective. Maggie’s blog is an amazing resource for anything craft based for your family so do check it out.

3. Snow Activities:

Now if we do get some snow this Winter you’ll be well prepared in getting the kids active. We love this list of fun and free snow activities from Kiddies Corner Deals. We want to make snow ice cream too!

4. The Boredom Jar:

how to keep the kids active in winterBecky at Baby Budgeting has a great tip for getting the children moving. She uses a Bored Jar. At the beginning of every school holidays she asks the children to write down lots of fun, and usually free activities that they would like to do with their time. The ideas are then put away into the jar. Whenever they are at a loss for something to do, they go to the jar and pick out a piece of paper with a new activitiy to try. If you keep this imaginative and outdoors based you’re onto a winner.

5. Visit a Forest:

The Forestry Commission, set up by the Government, is responsible for protecting, expanding and promoting the sustainable management of woodlands and increasing their value to society and the environment. They run lots of family friendly activities that you can sign up to and the Rangers are always on hand for advice. Go for a yomp through the Forest and engage the children by using a free activity sheet as you go. Discover the wildlife, make a den, or simply get muddy. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon for the whole family. More than half the people in England live within six miles of a Forestry Commission woodland, so find out more about a forest near you from their website.

There are lots more ways to keep the kids active in Winter. What suggestions do you have?



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