Brompton Bikes Now Available for Christmas

Have you ever come across a Brompton Bike? If you are a keen cyclist then we’re sure you have but just in case you’ve never heard of a Brompton bike, here’s more about what they look like and what they can do.

brompton bike

Brompton2brompton bikeWhat is a Brompton Bike?

The Brompton bike is the ultimate folding bike, and truly the best kind of personal transport. One of the Brompton’s key features is its practical and easy folding system. Once mastered, this can can take no more than 20 seconds, where the folded bike locks together into a compact package making it no larger than its actual wheels.

It is lightweight and compact so you can be reassured that it won’t come apart when you run for the bus or the train. It can even be taken on flights easily and safely with your own transport at the other end of your journey.

There are no projections or loose parts when folded, and  when carried by the frame or saddle it feels like a small suitcase. Small rollers allow the bike to be pushed into corners if necessary.

Want to see how it folds?

Isn’t it great!

A Brompton bike is a fantastic way of travelling. Ride your bike, take it on a journey and still be able to catch a bus, train or plane easily. Ride it to work, fold and store it under your desk. Take it to an event, fold and check it into the cloakroom. The options are endless.

We have Bromptons in stock now and if you’re interested in ordering one you can give us a call to find out more on 0191 265 1472. If you’re local to the North East then pop into the shop to check one out in person.

Why not put a Brompton Bike on your Christmas wish list this year?

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