Top 5 Essential Kids Bike Accessories

So you’ve got the new bikes planned for your little ones this Christmas and you know exactly how you’re going to wrap it up to keep it a surprise, but do you have all the correct accessories? Well if you’re not sure what you need never fear, we are here to help. Check out our Top 5 essential kids’ bike accessories that will make your child’s cycling experience much safer and great fun.

1. Cycle Helmet:

kids bike accessoriesIt goes without saying that of all the kids bike accessories available the helmet has to be the most important. Remember to get ensure the helmet fits properly and ask an expert if you’re not sure. If you’re in Byker, Newcastle we are always happy to help in the shop. Buy the best you can afford and make sure your child likes it too as they’re more likely to wear it then, of course.

2. Cycle Lights

kids bike accessoriesNow you might think these aren’t necessary for your child’s bike, and for a younger child maybe they’re not that important. For the slightly older child, who is maybe riding their bike to and from school they are an essential for the Winter. You might have seen us mention the debate on altering British Summer time recently but it’s not going to happen very soon so do make sure your child’s bicycle lights are in good working order.

3. Bike Lock

kids bike accessoriesAgain, maybe not something you’ll need for a very young child, but the older child will need to keep their bike safely locked when they are out and about. A good bike lock is another of our essential kids bike accessories.

4. Bike Bell:

kids bike accessoriesNow here’s something the younger children will adore. Don’t forget to get them a brand new bike bell for their brand new bike. They come in all shapes and sizes and the kids will just love annoying you with them. Seriously though they’re a good habit to get into and will help your child develop safe bike riding skills.

5. Bike Saddles

kids bike accessoriesDo make sure your bike has a comfortable saddle. It can help younger children feel more confident on their bike, and of course the older children might benefit from one if they’re riding their bikes for longer periods. Again they come in all shapes and sizes so get one that suits your child.

Would you add anything else to our essential kids bike accessories list? Maybe some streamers and stickers for the young kids, or paniers or baskets for the older ones? Do take a look at our online store for more ideas and to purchase all those suggestions we’ve mentioned above.



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