How to Wrap a Bike for Christmas

how to wrap a bike for ChristmasSource

So, something we get asked all the time is how to wrap a bike when it’s a Birthday or Christmas gift. We know it’s not the easiest item to wrap but we have lots of ideas, suggestions and tips that will help you. Maybe you have your own way of wrapping a bike that we haven’t covered here, if so leave us a comment and we can add it to the list.

How to Wrap a Bike for Christmas:

1. Use a Bike Bag. Ok so take a look at this video, ignore the intense crumpling and see how simple it can be!

They come in different sizes and designs suitable for different types of bike.

2. Of course children love to be surprised and seeing a bike shaped gift under the tree is going to give the game away. Wrap up the helmet instead with a note to visit the garage or the shed where the rest of the surprise is waiting.

3. Go for something simple and attach a big bow to the bike and then wheel it in when all the other presents are unwrapped. Then watch the look of delight on their face when they realise Christmas isn’t yet over!

4. You could wrap up a gift certificate and take your child to the showroom to pick their own bike of course. Maybe this is more suitable for slightly older children who have stronger ideas and opinions on what they like and want.

5. We’ve come across this idea from our customers and out on the internet too. Before the big day, position the bike somewhere in the house and attach a few ribbons or bows. Then take a photograph. Print and wrap the picture and pop under the tree. Let your little one open the picture and watch the wonder and delight emerge as they realise that bike is in your home. Have it ready to be wheeled in to complete the surprise.

6. Buy up all the gift wrap you can from inexpensive fairs and craft sales in the run up to Christmas. Create one large sheet by taping the individual sheets together. Wrap around the bike, not too tightly to form a covering. A cheap way to hide the surprise.

7. Give them a bike treasure hunt. Wrap up the first ‘clue’ and pop it under the tree. Let this clue lead them to the next clue and then the next and so on until they discover their shiny new bike hiding away in another room.

8. Get yourself along to the nearest diy store and see if you can sweet talk the staff into letting you have a jumbo sized cardboard box. Of course make sure it’s big enough, but this is great for diverting attention away from the shape of the bike. Pop the bike in the box and wrap as normal.

So what do you think? Do you have any other great tips or suggestions for ways to wrap a bike for Christmas? Or even as a birthday gift. If so, we would love to hear about them.

And don’t forget our Christmas Club is still open and in full swing. If you would like to buy a bike for your child this Christmas and spread the payments, drop us a line and we can get it sorted.

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