Dads and Cycling: Muddy Bonding

Earlier this week we posted about whether to cycle when you’re pregnant so this time we thought it would be good to address the balance. Today we’re talking about Dads and cycling and why that means so much to children and family.

cycling with DadImage Source

Sometimes, as a cyclist and a Dad, it can be hard to maintain the family balance and find time to fit in your cycling. Once the children come along it’s not always possible to take a few hours out every day or weekend and go cycling, whether you’re a serious cyclist and part of a group or love it just for fun.

It’s just as important for Dads to find time for themselves from busy family life and if cycling is your thing then make time for it. But remember cycling can be an amazing way of connecting and bonding with your children, as well as teaching them worthy life skills such as being healthy and active.

Cycling with your Dad:

There are lots of ways you can use your love of cycling to bond with your children. Remember there are many different modes of cycling for very young babies and children that enable them to grow into cycling from a very early age. Getting them out cycling with you will show them how to love being active and the great outdoors. Later when they’re old enough, the time comes for you to teach them how to ride their first bike. It’s a magical moment and one in which Dads play a pivotal role. There can be nothing greater than the look of accomplishment on a child’s face when they can ride their first bike.

Weekend Bike Rides:

It may take a while but when they’re ready get them outdoors at the weekends on regular cycling trips. What a wonderful way to bond with your kids, getting muddy and sweaty on a long bike ride. Take a snack or picnic and build a den in the woods for some rest time and really make the most of the time spent together. It doesn’t cost anything except your time and will create memories that last a lifetime. What better way to spend time with your children?

Staying Active:

If you’re stuck for ideas of where to go or what do with your kids on your bike rides, the NHS has a great article with lots of relevant info on how to find cycle routes around the country. You can view the article here.

The main thing here is for Dads to get out and enjoy time with their kids. Cycling is a great way to do that providing fresh air, exercise and lots of fun that the whole family will enjoy.

Do you enjoy taking your kids out on bike rides? We’d love to hear from you if you do.



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