GoSmarter: A Better Way to Get Around

GoSmarter is a government initiative to encourage us to get our bikes out and travel in a much healthier, cheaper and greener way. As an adult we can choose to cycle to work, school or even to the pub and we can encourage our children to use their bikes more frequently too, by setting the right example.

gosmarterImage: MiPlanforLife

So what is GoSmarter?

GoSmarter has 4 main aims and 3 main projects that it’s working on. Primarily it wants to see people cycling to work and school more in a bid to get them fitter and healther and create a greener environment. It wants to work with businesses to help employees  consider their options for the journey to work, and in doing so help those businesses reduce staff absenteeism and improve efficiency. Finally GoSmarter would like to reduce consumption and increase business productivity, making sure deliveries and people aren’t late. They’re big aims aren’t they?

There are 2 main projects the GoSmarter Project focuses on:

1. GoSmarter to Work

Mainly focusing on the North East of England this is a scheme that encourages employers and employees to explore the travel options that are open to them. For example Cycle Smart is a range of activities and support to help you get the most out of your cycle. Drive Smart is there to help you drive more efficiently and cost effectively when driving happens to be your only option. Businesses can also register for Travel Smart which is a programme for developing personalised travel plans for employees. Research has shown that if employees are given options in the different ways for getting to work they can be energised, fitter and healther, reducing absenteeism generally. Ongoing support is given to all those employees who take part.

2. Schools GoSmarter

Schools GoSmarter is a programme dedicated to encouraging children to get to school either on foot, by cyling or on public transport. It includes a wide range of projects that can help you make the right transport choice for your family and your lifestyle. The Cycling to School scheme is a good example, where it aims to encourage more children to cycle to school. Apparently when children are asked, it’s the most popular method of getting to school, but only 2% actually do it! Of course, we know there are huge benefits by encouraging children to ride their bikes. Being fitter and more active, gaining confidence and concentration, lowering your carbon footprint and reducing congestion at school are all great reasons to get on your bike, and this is what Schools GoSmarter is all about.

If you want to find our more about the GoSmarter scheme, or register your business or school then go the the GoSmarter website.

It’s a great scheme and at Cycle Centre we fully support its great work!



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