Upcycling Old Bikes

Have you ever wondered what you could do with your old bike? Maybe you’ve decided to treat yourself to a new bike this season and want to put your old bike to good use. Or maybe you have a rusty old bike hiding away in your garage or shed. Well never fear, there are lots of ways you can upcycle your old bike and create something really fantastic and amazing for your home, yourself or just as creative art. Take a look at these examples that we found on Pinterest which will, we’re sure, give you tonnes of inspiration.

1. Upcycled Bike Seat

Take an old bike seat and turn it in a funky stool for your home or office. Fabulous!

upcycled bikes

2. Upcycled Bike Car Gate

We love the look of this. An old bike has been transformed into a gate for a pedestrian area preventing cars from entering. It’s an extremely novel way of upcycling your old bike.

upcycled bikes3. Upcycled Bike Lamp

In this example, an old bike chain has been turned into a really stylish desk lamp for an office or side table. We’re loving the look of this one.

upcycled bikes

4. Upcycled Bike Gate:

This is a fabulous piece of ironmongery where this old bike has been upcycled into a really interesting and unusual garden gate. How cool would this look in your back yard?

upcycled bikes5. Upcycled Bike Sink:

Now for some people this one might be a bit out there and just a step too far, but if you like unusual home interiors and making a statement with decor, upcycling your old bike and turning it into a sink stand is the way to do it.

upcycled bike 6. Upcycled Bike Shopping Trolley:

Well we’re not too sure what to say about this one. Obviously someone need to upcycle an old bike and create a multi purpose vehicle and it looks like they succeeded!

upcycled bike 7. Upcycled Bike Memo Board:

A great addition to any industrial styled home, this upcycled bike wheel turned into a memo board looks cool and stylish.

a28999ca24f627cdaf8715f83de6526aSo what do you think to these ideas? Has anyone upcycled an old bike in a similar way? If not, are you now inpsired to?


3 thoughts on “Upcycling Old Bikes

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