How to Get your Kids Cycling

So the Autumn weather is being very kind to us which is great for getting out and about on family bike rides. If your children are quite small and you’re a cycling enthusiast you might be wondering how to get your little ones out riding if they’re too small for their own bike. Well there are lots of solutions and lots of ways to ensure your kids become as enthusiastic about cycling as you are, from an early age.

How to Get your Kids Cycling

1. Buggy Trailers

get kids cyclingThe Bike Trailer is a great option for toddlers through to children aged around 6 years. It’s safe and fun, although older children might get a little bored with such a passive ride. Many children love this form of cycling and it’s a great way to introduce them to cycling as a passion. Don’t forget, even if you fall on the bike, the trailer will be sturdy and stable so a great start to getting your kids cycling.

2. Child Seats

get kids cyclingChild bike seats are another great way to get your kids cycling with you. Suitable for babies from around 6 months of age, although they must be able to hold their head upright first. Rear bike seats are the most widely used. They fit over the back wheel, have a harness, high back, raised sides and leg guards. The children are so well supported they can even take a nap if they need to. Of course you’ll need to feel safe when the seat and child are there, as the extra weight can make the bike unstable.

And don’t forget to get your child used to wearing a helmet from a young age, even before they’re on their own wheels. This way it will become second nature to them and they’ll be less like to be put off by peer pressure later.

3. Tag-a-Longs

get kids cyclingAvailable from Cycle Centre for £160

A Tag-a-Long bike also known as a Trailer Bike allows your child to feel the independence of riding their own bike on a greater distance than they might normally manage alone. The smaller single wheel bike is attached to the adult bike by means of connection to the seat post or on a rear rack. The smaller bike is still able to pivot, yet the child benefits from your balance and stability. Again have them wearing their helmet from the beginning, and this is a fantastic way to head off on longer bike journeys and get your kids cycling.

Do you use any of these methods for getting your children into cycling? We’d love to hear about it if you do.


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