Top Tips for Cycling to School

With the onset of the new Autumn School Term, many of you might be thinking about cycling to school. It’s a great way to stay fit and healthy and keep the kids active. If you’re looking for some tip tips on how to keep cycling to school fun and safe for all the family then check out our suggestions below.

cycling to schoolImage: Steve Vance

Tops Tips for Cycling to School:

Bike Maintenance:

Ensure that everyone’s bike is ready for the trip. Check the tyres, the brakes and overall maintenance. If the bikes haven’t been used in a while maybe take them to your local bike shop and have them checked over.

Cycling Skills:

Whether you will be cycling to school with the children or no, ensure your children are safe on the road. Practise the route with them beforehand so they know where they need to turn, and you’ve prepared them for any traffic lights or cross roads. If you are cycling to school with them, ensure you cycle at the back of the group and that everyone is aware of other road users.

Cycling to School Safely:

As we head into Autumn, don’t forget some mornings might be a little foggy or dull. Make sure everyone is safe with a helmet and high vis jacket.

Stay Hydrated:

Give the children a drink of water before you set off on the school run and take plenty with you too. Better that the children start the school day as hydrated as possible. Cycling to school can be thirsty work!

At School:

Once you’re at school ensure everyone knows what the school policy is for cycles. Know where they need to be stored and if you need a bike lock, practise using one before the first day.

Smaller Children:

Cycling to school is a great way to get younger children going in the morning. If they’re too young to go on the road, ensure they know the rules for cycling on the pavements, to keep them and everyone else safe. Balance bikes and scooters are fantastic for encouraging a speedy and active school run.

Sir Chris Hoy has recently joined forces with Highland Spring to encourage more families to take up the challenge and start cycling to school. The new Cycle to School initiative aims to encourage mums and dads to ditch the car and enjoy the school run on a bike. A great initiative which we at Cycle Centre wholeheartedly support.

If you would like to know more about cycling to school safely do drop us a line. If you want to updrade your kids’ bikes and ensure the journey is a safe one Cycle Centre can help.


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