Tour de France trivia

Now, we appreciate that not every one of our customers is interested in “The Tour” (in fact, the majority probably couldn’t give a monkies) however, the fact remains that it is the biggest event in the road riding calendar and it does generate a lot of press coverage, retail products and trivia. Yep, everybody loves TRIVIA. So, in a slight nod to the greatest road race on earth we bring you some complete daft Tour de France trivia. Some of which might even be true. 


  • The tallest rider was Johan van Summeren at 1.98 meters or 6′ 5.5″.
  • The shortest was Samuel Dumoulin at 1.58 meters or 5′ 2″.
  • The heaviest rider was Magnus Backstedt at 95 kgs or 209.5 lbs.
  • The lightest was Leonardo Piepoli at 57 kgs or 125.7lbs.
  • Chris Horner and Laurent Lefevre shared the lowest resting heart rate, 35 beats per minute.
  • The “average” rider in 2005 was 1.79 meters (5′ 10.5″) tall, weighed 71 kgs (156.5 lbs), and had a resting heart rate of 50 beats per minute.
  • Youngest winner was Henri Cornet, 19 years 50 weeks in 1904.


Henri Cornet, the winner of the 1904 Tour de F...


  • Oldest winner was Lambot, 36 years four months in 1922.
  • Number of pedal strokes taken per rider for the three weeks: 324,000 (at 60 rpm); 486,000 (at 90 rpm)
  • Calories burned by a rider in the course of the Tour: 123,900 (based on 5900-per day average at 21 days of racing).
  • The course and total distance travelled changes every year.
  • 4 racers have died while competing in Le Tour de France.

Should you manage to watch the start or indeed any of the Tour over it’s three week duration and feel suitably inspired to get into cycling (on any kind of bike), then do please pop into the Cycle Centre for a chat.