What Is Velocity?

What Is Velocity?

July 2013 sees the unique Velocity Street Racing spectacle begin in the North East. Our friends down at the Cycle Hub Cafe will be hosting several of the qualifying events with the final race taking place at the Tyne Tunnel on the 13th September.

But what is Velocity Street Racing?

In a nutshell, it’s a new form of road race event built around a 1/4 mile sprint rather than an endurance distance or Time Trial format. But what makes it truly different is that the qualifying events are free to enter, unrestricted in terms of ability and age, and most importantly conducted on static bikes over several days and venues. You simply turn up, queue, jump one on of two bikes, set a time over a 400m distance and see how you’ve ranked. You can even have another go (or more) if you’ve the energy. Each qualitying event will have a winners trophy and the fastest of all qualifiers will win a “King Qualifier” jersey.

The fastest 132 riders will then be invited to the race final, for which you will need a [road] bike with gearing restricted to 53-12. And a helmet. The final will be held at the Tyne Tunnel (yes, riders will be going through it). It will involve riding circuits with the 1/4 mile sprint at the end after which 10 riders are eliminated each lap until 32 remain. These 32 will then compete in the DUEL. A series of 400m sprints in groups of four through the tunnel. All in all, great for spectators as all the action happens in fairly relatively short distance. It should provide some very close and exciting cycling. Needless to say, you’d going to need to be really really fit to make into the Duel!

We hope to see as many Cycle Centre and Cycle Hub customers having a go in the qualifying stages as possible.



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