Route Planning this Bank Holiday Weekend.

Todays blog is written by Kay, one of our staff,  who is new to cycling and lives in south Northumberland.

Well it finally feels like spring here in Northumberland!  The skies are blue and full of the sound of birdsong, and the blossoms are starting to open.

river coaquet

Blossom Trees on the River Coquet

The perfect day for planning a route and getting out on two wheels!


Blossom trees on the River Coquet

When I head out on a bike ride, if it’s not somewhere I already know, I usually use the app on my smart phone.  But I then found I had no where to put it and got tired of stopping to get it out of my pocket.  So I got one of these and have found it really useful!

phone mount

Iphone Mount

While in the gym the other day (on a bike as it happens!), I saw an advert for the ‘sky ride’ website, and thought I would see how it works.  I found it really useful for route planning a trip on my own, and for finding scheduled, guided rides, with the contact details of the group leader, that I can book in advance.  The miles, time and difficulty rating are included, so I know exactly when and where I will be heading, and what to expect.  I also liked that there are family and women only groups.  Thought it may be quite helpful to me from a social aspect too as I don’t know many people who cycle recreationally.  The boys I know who cycle tend to be really competitive and do up to 70miles at a time on the roads around the north east.  That’s not really what I had in mind when I took up cycling- the picture I had in my head was more off roading, country tracks and stopping for tea, cake and a good gossip some where along the way!


Seals sunbathing off the coast of Holy Island

I’m looking forward to my guided bike ride next week, but for today am heading up the coast to Bamburgh to take in some of the glorious coastal views and to head over to Holy Island (making sure of course that we have checked the tide times first!).  Hoping to see some seals too.

Which routes are you planning this bank holiday weekend?



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