“Microadventures”: Cycling Adventures In Your Local Area

One of our friends in the cycle industry told us about a really interesting idea he had about setting up a ‘microadventure’.  Alastair’s idea was to get across the fact that adventures don’t need to involve crossing continents, spending thousands of pounds or getting on planes.  And that it’s easy to set off on a cycling adventure of your own in your local area.

cycling milto keynes

He and his friends from Trek Bicycles have put together a plan to ride about 10 miles, exploring the local woods and canals, around Milton Keynes, to find a nice spot to pitch up and make use of a local pub.  In their eyes, microadventures prove that very little planning and discomfort is needed to get outside, explore your local area and do something a little different.

map milton keynes

I really like the bit on his website where he says “Adventure is only a state of mind”.

As well as getting out and about on his own cycling adventures, Alastair has set up a website and invited other people to share their experiences of their adventures too.http://www.alastairhumphreys.com/microadventures-3/year-microadventure/

Alastair had said about the event “From a personal point of view, I loved it.  Milton Keynes has this image of being dull and flat, but this proves there is nothing dull here and I can vouch for the mountain biking.  I will be planning some more excursions for myself in the future – everything from extending my Thursday night rides to escaping up to Scotland.

cycling route sign

We think it’s a great idea.  What’s your plan for your next cycling adventure?


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