Brompton Bikes

brompton 5Right now, we are liking the all-British-made, British designed Brompton range.

We love the great folding design and our customers find it’s a great bike for urban living.  It is so easy to fold away, and is small enough to fit in a the boot of a small, city car, or to store in a flat- a much better option than having to leave your bike chained to a railing outside, or cleaning dribbled mud off the carpet!

We’ve found that it won’t unfold of its own accord- particularly useful for when you’re running to catch a train, or when handing your bike over to a courier.

brompton 4

The Bromptons have four different handle bar styles, from low for a more sports feel, to high, for a more upright position.  (I prefer the higher ones as, after 20 years of horse riding, sitting more upright feels comfortable to me!)

They come in a range of single speed to 6 speed options, and this year’s improved design uncludes better brakes which are stronger and easier to use, and better wheels where the rims are double walled so that the spokes are stronger and are less likely to get damaged while riding.

Bromptons have interchangeable chain rings so that when a chain ring wears outs, you can just replace the one chain ring rather than replacing the whole chain set.  This interchangeable ring is also convenient for when changing the type of riding you are doing; the smaller chain ring for hills, and the larger one for flat surfaces to increase your speed.

There is also a great accessories range for Brompton bikes.  All bags and luggage fit onto the front of the bike and have the same fittings which I find really useful for using different bags for different trips.

Although not available yet, Brompton are producing a new magnetic water bottle design, and tools which fit into the bike frame.  The small size of the 15m spanner seemed too good to be true to be able to take a wheel off, but our mechanics tested them and found them effective to use.

Brompton hold an annual World Championship race which will be at Goodwood’s motor circuit where Brompton owners ride on the circuit as part of the festival.

brompton festival

We have a Brompton Demonstrator Bike in our store now. 

If you would like to book a test ride, give us a call on 0191 2651472.



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