Guest Blog: Altura Winter Gloves

Our friend Henry has been testing Altura Nevis Winter Gloves for us, and this is what he thought:

Altura Nevis Waterproof Winter Gloves


First impressions –

Not good, I have to say. But you know what they say about first impressions!

I’ve been freezing my fingers off for weeks now, struggling manfully on wearing lightweight summer gloves. so I was really hoping these [designed for winter] Altura would impress me immediately out of the box. They didn’t. All black, no palm padding, no flex points on the fingers or knuckles (just one on each thumb), no reflective stripes and worst of all they felt too thin to be up to the job of keeping my hands warm.

I don’t have particularly large hands (about average for a 5’9″ bloke I expect) but I did need the L size. Even with this fit they felt tight and restricting. Again, not a great first impression.

After test impressions – I used them on a short ride, in near zero degree temperature, and I was initially pleasantly surprised. After 20 minutes on the bike, I was more than a little impressed. Although these gloves appear to have little in the way of insulation (when compared to a ski glove for example) they were surprisingly warm. The triple layer of modern synthetic fabrics really did work. They also seemed to loosen off a bit and I didn’t feel any of the restriction I thought I would. My dexterity was easily good enough to operate the gear shifters and brake without any extra thought or care. I was even able to extract my keys from my coat pockets, remove my padlock and reattach it to the frame mount all without having to remove either glove. This simple test is not to be underestimated as I often find warm gloves prohibit me from completing simple tasks that require a bit of dexterity and I then loose all the heat in my hands by having to take them off.

The palms, the (inner side) of the fingers and finger-tips are coated with a material that resembles roofing felt. Initially I thought this looked cheap and nasty but it actually gives really good grip and when you consider a lot of winter riding is going to be done in the wet, grip is probably going to be a top consideration for whatever material is applied to that part of a winter glove. So, upon reflection, I approve of the decision to put practical ahead of aesthetics. The glove’s uppers are made from a goretex-like fabric and each has a soft elasticated wrist band, which I’m not a fan of as I find they interfere with my wrist watch but they do do a good job of keeping the wind from blowing up my coat sleeve.

Value for money (RRP £19.99): At just under twenty quid, I reckon these are great value. Certainly within “reasonable” for a pair of gloves that should last for several seasons of riding.

Style & Functionality: They won’t win any fashion awards but black isn’t going to date  either is it? There are certainly better looking winter gloves available but these do a great job of keeping your hands warm and dry with out compromising dexterity too much.  So it’s only a 2 out of 5 for style but a 4 for function.

Quality: They appear to be well put together. The stitching seems to be up to job. The grippy material doesn’t look like it will wear out quickly either. Time will tell of course, but for now I’m going to give these gloves a 4 out of 5 for quality

Recommended: Yes, I would recommend these. Especially if you are just after a suitable pair of gloves for light recreational or commuting riding during our miserable and all too long winter.

Written by Henry Aarvold, family bike guy.


One thought on “Guest Blog: Altura Winter Gloves

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