New Torq Energy Gels, Bars and Recovery Drink.

I have recently tried some of the new Torq products and have been really impressed with them!

torq gels

Although our recent ‘spring’ weather has been somewhat prohibitive in terms of cycling opportunities, I have really enjoyed popping to the gym for a less snow and wind battered experience!

I usually use an isotonic sports drink during a workout to keep me going, but instead tried one of the Torque Gels.  I liked that they are so easy to carry because of their shape and size, easy to open and easy to drink from, and can see how useful those aspects would be while cycling.  I loved the different flavours and my favourite is the Rhubarb and Custard one.

torq gel

I have also used their Recovery powder, in place of my usual protein shake following a work out.  I really liked that there are no synthetic nasties in there- I had started making my own protein shakes with soya protein, soya milk and fruit juice as I had found that a lot of the protein shakes available in shops made my gut bloated and painful because of the additives in them.  But the Torq Recovery was a winner, and really tasty!

torq recovery

 I have asked some friends who do a lot of road biking to try them out too and so am looking forward to finding out what they thought about the energy bars.



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