Unwrapped and Good to Go!

Here at Cycle Centre, we take the time to make sure all of our bikes leave our store fully safety checked and ready to ride.  That way, when the day comes and your little one unwraps their bike, it’s all good to go and in full working order.

Looking After You and Your Bike

Looking After You and Your Bike

There’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you’ve toiled through the night on Christmas Eve, working, and reworking, out which bit goes where, finally reaching the completion stage just before dawn… only to find ‘another bit’ winking at you from across the room!

Our experienced mechanics do all the sorting out to help you avoid such a calamaty on Christmas morning.  So you know that when their faces light up in excitement as they unwrap their new set of wheels, that they can safely ride away and happily try out their new skills (and hopefully burn off some sugar fuelled giddiness at the same time!).

So that everyone can keep on enjoying their bike, we also offer a free service withing the first 3 months after purchase, a half price service within the first year and reduced rates on future services.

And we are always at the end of the phone to help you with any questions you may have on 0191 2651472.  Or call in to have a chat any time at 250 Shields Road, Byker, NE6 1DX



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