Choosing Kids Bikes for Xmas

Guest Blog – Product Test: 

The kids have grown out of their first bikes and need new ones so Jill has asked me to test a number of products and here is the result!

  • Child:  Boy aged 6:
  • The bikes:  Cube 200, Cuda and CBR

Let’s do the cheapest first, the CBR looks great and my son liked it in terms of looks.  It was easy to get on and off and the gears and brakes were easy to use.  Cycle Centre were able to set the brake levers in a little bit so his little fingers could reach.  The bike was a little heavy but was rideable and affordable.  If you’re on a budget (as we are with two bikes to buy) this is the obvious choice!

Claude Butler Primal £139.99

Claude Butler Primal £139.99

Next we tried the Cuda.  It was no better than the CBR but quite a bit more money.  It was ok to ride but a bit boring!

Cuda Energy £189.95

Cuda Energy £189.95

The Cube was saved til last and was worth the wait.  I thought my son was going to explode when he saw it.  It comes in a choice of colours but he LOVED the green and black.  The compact frame made it best for riding as the reach to the bars wasn’t too far and the levers were adjusted again for his little hands.  There was a matching bottle cage which caused as much excitement as the bike!  The gears were easier to use than the other two and the ride was generally much better, but that should be the case at the price.  Since we do a lot of cycling we decided to get the Cube and send it to Santa for Christmas.

Cube 200 Green and Black £

Cube 200 Green and Black £259

  • Child: Girl aged 8
  • The bikes: Cube 240 girls, CBR Storm

We thought we’d come to test some 24” wheel girls bike but ended up testing 24” and 26” girls bikes.  The Cube was, as with the 20”boys, the best bike, but our daughter liked the Storm 12/26 the best.  The Storm was the cheapest bike we tested at £145.

cbr storm girls £145

Caude Butler Storm Girls £145

It is a full size bike with a tiny frame and seemed to give stability that the smaller wheels didn’t give.  We also tested the 26” wheel Cube as a comparison and it was twice the price.  Both bikes were good to ride and we liked them, but in the end the Storm won.  I think it was because there were some girlie accessories that went nicely with the Storm and the colour was a big winner.

Cube 240 Girls £329

Cube 240 Girls £329

We took quite a scientific approach to the test ride but we were really shown up by our kids who seemed much better placed to make informed decisions about what was right for them.  Colour played a big part in the decision and we tried to tell them that it wasn’t as important as the way the bike felt while they were riding, but for them, colour was the winning factor every time.  Second was the comfort of the bike.  Bony little bottoms need comfort and the kids were absolutely sure they knew which bike was right for them in terms of comfort.  So we ended up with the Cube 200 in green and black and the Storm 12/26.  We reserved them in the Xmas Club, got 10% off the accessories and a voucher for £10 per kid to spend in the shop on whatever they wanted!  It was a good fun day out for us and we felt like we had a good deal too.  Toys R us next weekend probably won’t be so pleasurable…

A Big Thankyou to Kate and Richard for their Product Test Blog!

Pop in for some help with choosing your Kids Bikes for Christmas.

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