Guest Blog: Send us Your Blog and Win a £10 Voucher!

Introducing our First Guest Blogger!

Win a £10 Gift Voucher to spend on whatever you like instore or on line by sending us a story for our blog.

Thanks Henry!  Here is yours:

“As a self respecting man I was determined that my daughter wasn’t going to have a bike with handlebar tassles and a Barbie bell.  I left Cycle Centre with exactly that.  There was no way that the plain and sensible option was going to cut it with my strong willed 3 year old girl.  I thought I’d be able to persuade her that the mountain style bike was going to be fun, but as many downtrodden dads know, sometimes daughters seem to get their own way with us.  Of course this was met with much laughter when I returned home to show the missus the picture of the pink and purple Bumper Glitter with dolly seat, handle bar streamers and a Barbie bell.  It’s not the Ridgeback that I had set out to buy my daughter!  To top it off I also purchased a bunny helmet complete with buck teeth and ears from the Crazy Stuff range.

Crazy Stuff Bunny Helmet

I got off lightly when I avoided the tiger helmet my daughter wanted me to ask Santa for!  I’ve reserved it for Father Christmas – another good idea when shopping with 3 year olds!  I’ve paid a deposit and will return without her to collect it nearer Xmas.  I got a £10 gift voucher to spend of lovely grown up bike accessories for writing this story.  Thank you Cycle Centre.”

Bumper Glitter

You are Welcome!



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