Cycling For Girls

My New Bike the Trek Lexa roadbike. With the nice bar tape!

I’ve ditched the monthly subscription to the gym to which I never go!  The guilt was too much to bear.  So I’ve taken up cycling for half the amount of money that I would have spend on gym subscription, I’ve purchased a new road bike.  It’s not top of the range but I like the colour (yes, I purchased it because of the colour and I liked the bar tape and I’m not even embarrassed to tell you, so long as they keep this anonymous!).  I had some extra brake levers fitted on the top of the bars so I feel more secure and I’ve decided not to go for clip in shoes until I’m more confident.  I’ve bought a matching helmet and some comfy shorts, a top, a windproof/waterproof jacket and now I have all the gear and no idea.  I’ve researched some routes and am looking for a nice group to cycle with, more for fear of getting lost than for advice about cycling.  I’ve been in touch with the Cycle Hub on the quayside and the lovely manager there, Bev, turns out to be quite a champion of womens cycling!

I’ve been out most weekends since I got the bike and so far so good.  I’ve met some friendly faces en route, and one kind soul adjusted my gears for me when they were a bit funny.  I’ve now had my free service at Cycle Centre and Rob’s shown me how to fix a puncture (thanks Rob!), Lynne flogged me an ear warmer which has made a tonne of difference to my Sunday morning ride!  I’m now looking at the route of the Tour de France and thinking ‘maybe next year…’.


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