The Lonely Life of a Cycling Widow: If You Can’t Beat ’em Join ’em!

I’ve stood at the finish line in all weathers waiting patiently with our 3 children to see their hero finish the race.  We’ve waited patiently on Saturday/Sunday mornings for him to finish training and worried about him on dark nights when he’s out in bad weather.  We’ve wished him well on coast and castles and researched b&b’s til the cows come home and now we’re joining him in the love of cycling.  Week one was a challenge for Mr Grumpy, aged 6.  The muddy mountain bike trail was just too much for him, as the mud slopped over the tops of his little boots and made his feet soggy.  Nobody likes cycling with soggy feet but a kit kat and a sip of juice seemed to brighten his mood.  There were a few sticky moments as we tried to ascend in top gear with tired legs and a few humour bypasses on the trail, but after we raced through the woods with the sun peeping through the trees and enjoyed a home made biscuit and a hot drink, everyone agreed that this was the BEST fun we’d had in ages!  Where to next?

Havannah Nature Reserve

A trip on the well known route past Ponteland?  If you’re cycling with kids the biggest fear is traffic.  Or more to the point the speed that cars seems to fly round country roads.  Well, I can recommend the trip along Brunton lane, past Sage, through the Havannah nature reserve and out the other side, a trip along the grass on the busy stretch of road past the Airport and a pic nic in the park at Ponteland.  Waitrose is well placed to purchase some sandwiches, or there’s a lovely coffee/cake shop if it’s a morning snack you’re after.  The pedal back seemed longer as we grew tired, but once again all agreed that pic nics taste better after a long pedal and a sprint finish!

I’m not sure that family cycling offers as much training as the man of our household would like, but it’s a great way to spend time together doing something healthy that we all love.  And its remarkable how much we’ve been out in the last few weeks.  The weather’s been absolutely lovely, even when it’s chilly or a little muddy under foot there’s still plenty of family fun to be had on two wheels!



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