High Visability Wear and Light Sets: Be Safe, Be Seen.

As the nights are drawing in, it can be too easy to get caught out with no lights and no high visability wear, cycling home in the dark.

On a dark night, especially if it’s wet, we are so hard for motorists to see, even on well-lit roads with street lights on.

Cylists with no high visability wear or lights are so hard to see…

…even on well-lit, city centre roads…

..as well as unlit ones.

Now that summer is over and the leaves are turning a beautiful shade of golden yellow, it’s really not long untill the clocks go back on 28th October.  So it’s good to be prepared by hunting your high visability, reflective gear and checking the batteries in your lights, making sure they work before you set off for work in the daylight, just incase they don’t for the journey home in the dark!

I use mine at dusk…

..as well as in the dark.

In Our Store

We have a wide range of high visability wear at Cycle Centre.

  • Special Offer:

Our Altura Blitz waterproof, light weight, high visability jacket is on sale at £49.99(RRP£59.99).

Altura Nightvision Waterproof Jacket £49.99 (RRP £59.99)

  • We have a selection of high visability, waterproof products, including reflective belts from £14.99, helmet covers from £14.99, and rucksack covers from £11.99. We also sell reflective stickers to put on jackets, rucksacks or the back of helmets, from £3.99.

Altura Nightvision Evo Vest £34.99

We like the Evo vest as its so lightweight, easy to pack away and shaped to fit the body.  Similar in shape, we also stock the Oxford Bright Top at £19.99.

Altura Nightvision Waterproof Glove £39.99

This Altura glove has a high visability, waterproof outer glove with a padded palm, and a removable inner liner glove that can be used on its own or with the outer layer for extra warmth on cold days.  I wear them to help my hand signalling to be seen.  (I also wear them while riding my horse for the same reason!)

  • Our light sets start at £17.99 a pair including batteries and brackets, and ranging to £129.99.  We have Frog and Cat Eye Loop light sets at £19.99 which don’t need brackets to attach them to your bike.  One of our mechanics likes the Boomer set at £45.99, and ‘Cycling Plus’ recommended the Cat Eye rear flashing light at £24.99 as a “best buy”.

Pop in for a chat if you would like some help finding your high visability wear and your light sets for this winter.  Or call us on 0191 2651472.


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