Getting Motivated!

Now that we have ‘sprung forward’ into spring and are having uncharacteristically wonderful weather for this time of year, many of us are thinking about how to dust off the icy cobwebs of winter and get ourselves back in shape for bikini season. Many of us find it helpful to have a goal, whether it be a personal one, like getting back into ‘that’ dress, or improving our energy and fitness levels so we can play more footy with the kids. Or by joining a local cycling club, competing in an event, or joining in an organised charity ride.

If you are finding it hard to get motivated on your own, there are usually a range of weekend meets to choose from with local clubs either on or off road, and there are always organised charity rides throughout the summer.

I have started my training for the Tyne 6 Bridges event on 28th June. I think I may just aim for the 9.5 miles rather than the 14.5 to get me started! And I don’t think I would be quite ready for the 4 day, 294 mile London to Paris Ride just yet!

Sponsored by Cycle Centre, our friend Simon is taking on the Edinburgh to Newcastle route in May. Over the course of three days, he and a group of four others, will be stopping off at Melrose, Berwick and Seahouses, and will finish off in Newcastle in order to raise money for a Huntingdon’s Disease charity. We will keep you posted on his progress and will let you know if he has any training tips!

Whatever your goal, we can all start some where. And so I am looking forward to a gentle roll along the front at Blyth Beach this weekend-particularly if we get more of what we have had this week weather-wise! Hmm….we might just make it along to the ice cream shop at Seaton delaval too…



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