Product of the Week-The Make’s Suislide Peg

When I approached Chris Lee about voicing his opinions on plastic pegs for The Albion issue 5 I had no idea the fury we were about to unleash on BMX. Honestly speaking it wasn’t really all that bad but a lot of social networks sites went alight with people militantly standing by there plastic pegs or firmly up in arms against them.

The BMX community did get pretty wound up about this steel vs plastic peg debate. I heard that London was split in half, groups of riders hating on other groups of riders and it was rumoured that punches were thrown. All this over a the humble stunt peg. I’m a passionate guy and I love BMX but throwing a punch over what material a bicycle component is made from is a stretch of the imagination I find a little hard to take.

It’s only a peg, you grind stuff with them and occasionally you stand on them, they’re a fairly innocuous product. The general thinking up here in Newcastle is that with the plastic peg, things have gone too far and become disposable. A plastic peg ridden on street will only last a month or at the most two. Disposable products sum up all I hate about consumerism and waste, wasteful ways disgust me, replaceable plastic bicycle components are altogether unnecessary and are harmful to the environment, they also embody nothing of what cycling is supposedly about-green travel.

Chris Lee is also a passionate guy and his passion lies firmly with a BMX set up with 4 full steel pegs and grinding them daily on harsh brick ledges and rusty gnarly rails. Riding and designing products for The Make it was obvious that Chris would get round to producing a peg and his design is pure steel simplicity. The Make ‘Suislide Pegs’ have no fancy butting or machining, it’s a simple black modern peg with a slotted base and an anti twist bolt all built with quality heat treated 4130 chromoly. The Suislide peg sums up the logical conclusion of a pegs evolution for me, it comes packaged in a so hesh-it’s-gnar cardboard box and allows you to do rails for the next 3-5 years or so, What more do you need?

Olly Olsen


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