Mountain Biking at Glentress Forest, Peebles

It’s hard to believe that just a month ago, we were battling against the elements during our challenging ascent to the ‘Buzzards Nest’, a half way point along the steep climbs of Glentress Forest Mountain Biking Trails in Peebles.

Here, we found purpose-built tracks designed to accommodate all levels of fitness and technical ability incorporating everything from gentle slopes to steep, speed inducing descents, hairpin turns, jumps, ramps, narrow logs and bridges.

But on that day, all of our efforts were more than worthwhile as the clouds parted and we were greeted by the breath taking views of the Tweed Valley, embroidered with luscious green hues of moss, pine needles, and the frost-scorched bracken and bark winter had devoured in her midst.  Set against the heathery grey of Scottish skies in winter’s watery, golden sunshine, the views were quite stunning.


But nothing matched the excitement of our enthralling return, winding our way through the shady echoes of the tree lined descents, the wind whistling through out helmets and setting our cheeks in to a semi permanent smile.  Although late in the day, the tracks were in places still frozen and etched in snow, adding to the magic of this outdoor winter wonderland.We even caught a glimpse of a stag through the trees, and watched the buzzards soaring above us in search of a winter snack.

We lapped up the thrill of the chase, and embraced the anticipation of melting our frozen hands and faces with an indulgent latte and obligatory slice of yummy cakiness in the on site cafe at the end of it all!



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